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       Company ProfileCOMPANY PROFILE

      Set up in 1988, VIGOlocates next to the airport and in the slip road,  It is this superior geographical positionthat VIGO can easily approach to its customers within 1 hour. Subordinate companies ...

      Product Developing

      Product Developing   VIGO attaches greatimportance to the construction of developing system, and learns the advancedexperience of the same industry constantly, in order to adapt to and me...

      Mold Developing

       Mold Developing   VIGO possesses the integrated abilities of  designing 、manufacturing and developing of mold and checkingfixture, which effectively  supports theconstruction of syste...

      Manufacturing capacity

      Manufacturing Capability      After more than20 years’ development, VIGO group has built up a set of advanced productionmanagement system. It is such a system that forms a powerful m...

      Detection capability

      Detection capability       Strict requirementson quality is VIGO’s consistent principle. The effective quality guaranteesystem is based on international quality standard and envir...